Welcome to the official website of the Performing Musicians Employers’ Association Of Nigeria, PMAN. PMAN is the sole umbrella body of all musicians in Nigeria duly registered and authorized by the Government in the Trade Unions Act to regulate the Practice of the music profession in the country.

THE Nigeria music industry is the largest and most vibrant music scene in the whole of Africa. With over 100 million music consumers, scores of recording companies, an army of music marketers, a multitude of media and a never-ending flow of top talent no other market comes close. PMAN is in the foremost advocate and campaigner for artistes’ rights and the music industry in general in the country. You are welcome to inquire, collaborate and work with PMAN for the further advancement of the Nigeria Music Industry.



The Nigerian music industry is a significant contributor to the nation’s economy. The industry produces an average of 2000 albums of different types of music annually.

Record sales have more than tripled in the past recent
, averaging 10 million in 2005 and rising to an estimated 50
million in 2010
. Combined total revenues from all sources are estimated atover $200 million.


 The current administration of PMAN is headed by Mr. Pretty Okafor. When the administration came into office following a conent judgement that brought together two warring factions of PMAN, it set about designing new initiatives and reactivating defunct projects designed to restructure and realign the Nigeria music industry for the betterment of Nigerian musicians and music industry operators. Among these are Media Distribution Network (MDN), PMAN Biometric ID Card, The Nigeria Music Industry Directory, Musicians Health Insurance Policy and PMAN App. Three of these programs were unveiled at the 100 days in office world press conference.


On the 30th of June, 2016; delegates from PMAN chapters from 28 states of Nigeria attended the National Executive Council meeting in Lagos. The first in 30 years! National Delegates conference will be convened on October 4, where fresh elections into various offices of PMAN will take place.

 The NEC also cautioned some unscrupulous members of the association who are parading themselves as members and officials of the association, warning them to desist from such practice. It reaffirmed that: “Julietta Ofuyeta is our chapter chairman in the F.C.T. while Zubby Enebeli is in charge of Delta State. In Rivers State, Muma Gee is the authentic chairperson while Chiaka Banton is our man in Akwa Ibom state respectively,’’ the PMAN Secretary General, Kenny George declared.





You can use your mobile phone to register now. To register,
follow the guidelines below:

 Text: PMAN(space)First Name(space)Last
Date Of Birth :Day/Month/Year(space)Gender(space)marital

 Then send the text to 32122. For example: PMAN Ibrahim Musa 04/11/1968 F S. After you have sent the text, you will receive a message with a code, then go with this code to any branch of Heritage Bank nearest to you and pay N5, 000.00 and collect your ID Card. Note: Five thousand naira only!